Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Broken Leg

Everyone has been asking how I broke my leg, so instead of making an extremely long facebook post, I decided I would just blog about it.  It took me a while to remember my password since it has been forever since I've blogged.

Saturday morning, the girls and I were heading down the stairs to go eat breakfast at the motel in Oklahoma City.  On the 3rd from the bottom step, a piece of metal was sticking up on the step.  I hung my right foot on the piece of metal and fell.  My left foot hung between the steps and turned and twisted.  I heard it pop and knew immediately it was broke.  Haley went upstairs to get Robby and Joseph...I have thanked God everyday that Joseph and Karly went with us.  Robby and Joseph carried me to the car and the girls stayed with Joseph and Karly.  They were very upset. 

We went to Baptist Integris...because I knew where that hospital was. The doctors and nursing staff there was wonderful and extremely helpful.  I wasn't there 5 minutes and the doctor and x-ray were already in there.  I fractured both the tibia and the fibia with spiral fractures.  They splinted it, said I would need surgery end of the week or the first of next week after the swelling has gone down.  Made a disc of the films and gave me plenty of pain meds.  Robby and I headed home. 

By the time we got back home, Robby had already called Dr. Darter, he had called Dr. Bjork and they were waiting on us to get home to see the x-rays.  Dr. Bjork  called Robby on Sunday and told him he wanted a CT of my leg so he can see it better.  We had the CT done on Monday morning, Dr. Bjork's office called that afternoon to go see him the next day.  We made the trip to Amarillo on Tuesday, he loosened the cotton on my splint, changed my pain meds and wanted to talk to Dr. Risko before he scheduled my surgery because he said Risko is the expert for what is wrong with me.  They called this afternoon and surgery will be next Tuesday at 9:30.  I honestly can't wait!

The hotel is being very cooperative with taking responsibility for the fall.  That they were neglectful for not fixing the step. 

I am very thankful for Joseph and Karly for keeping our girls and taking them to the zoo and clothes shopping.  For Dr. Bryan and the staff at Integris for not making me lay there in pain for hours on end.  For Dr. Darter and Dr. Bjork for making the weekend personal cell phone calls for me, because they did not have to.  For Robby for taking most excellent care of me...because I literally can't even hardly go to the bathroom by myself.  For all the prayers, calls, texts and facebook messages I have received...they have really helped my mood.  Most importantly I thank God that it was me who fell, and not one of my children who were right in front of me and for not letting it be any worse than what it is.  I still don't know why I had to fall, but I know God has a reason for it and one day, I will know why.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Last Day...

To Haley Brooke Jones

The Last Day...I get to bring you to school with me

The Last Day...I get to go peek at you in your classroom without you knowing it

The Last Day...I get to see your smiling face in the hallway

The Last just show up in my room for no reason (except to get a drink of DP)

The Last Day...the nurses can just walk you up the hall when you are not felling well

The Last Day...I get to try to not embaress you in front of your friends

The Last Day...I get a random hug in the hall

The Last come to my room after school with all the days adventures

The Last Day...I get to walk you through the hall

The Last Day...that you are an elementary student

The Last Day...that I can call you a kid

Now you are going to Junior High 

Turning into a young lady

and will do great things with your life

You are growing up, maturing, and blossoming in your life

You are coming into your own and I can't wait to see

the paths you choose to take

You will always be my first little girl

I will love you forever!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Heading out Friday morning
For Spring Break this year, we decided to rent a trailer at Lake Waurika and go fishing!  Bob and Barbara decided they wanted to come, too.  We have been trying to get them to go with us for a while now, but they never had.  I told Bob, once I made the reservation, he could not back out!! 

We got up and left on Thursday morning..Robby and Bob in the pickup pulling the boat...Barbara the girls and myself in the Expedition.  Robby was driving to slow for me, so we passed them and went on in to Wichita Falls to stop by Academy and pick up a few things we needed and forgot at chairs.  They beat us to Waurika..but not by much..and they already have the trailer key.  We go get everything unloaded and eat a sandwich..and then we unload the boat!!!

Barbara does not swim...does not like the fact, she gets a little woozy just watching the water move...but she was bound and determined to get on the boat!!  and she did!!  Every time we went out, she was on it!!
I get home, and realize the only picture I have of Barbara is the back of her head!!

Haley cheesin'
Bob with his little Crappie
Needless to say, we didn't really catch any fish. Bob caught the first little crappie on Friday...not long after that, Haley had one on her hook, about the time it was at the side of the came off.  Auzlyn caught a little crappie in the crappie house.  On Saturday, Bob caught a little catfish.  That was the extent of our actual catching of the fish.  But we had fun!!  Oh yeah, Robby was trying to get a snake away from the boat and almost flung it in...He had a not happy wife, mother and daughters at him...but the snake didn't get in the boat.

Robby...just waiting
Saturday night...instead of eating fish we caught..We went to Bill's Fish House!  That was the BEST fish I have ever eaten!!! (besides our fresh fish)  It is only about 30 minutes from Wichita Falls, just north of the Red if you want some good home cooked fried catfish..go to Bill's!!  and only order the half order because you will be taking half of the full order home!!  It is just an old white house, on the west side of the road, with the name Bill's on the front window...Oh, and there will be a ton of cars parked around it!!  So worth it though!!

American White Pelicans...gorgeous taking off!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

January 18, 2011

After waiting for 2 weeks to find out the results of Haley's ABR, Dr. Guttenplan finally called!  He said everything came out normal and he just wants to see her again in 6 months for a repeat hearing test.  What a relief!!  I just didn't know what else she could handle!  but I know that God wasn't going to give her more than she could!!!

January 15, 2011

Haley competed in her first 4-H stock show!  She showed rabbits and had lots of fun with them.  She wound up with a 4th, 6th, and 7th place.  Overall pretty good for her first time!!

 She also really enjoyed the premium auction...she got enough money to buy her an ipod touch...and put a good chunk into her savings account!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Auditory Brainstem Response

Tomorrow, I am taking Haley to Amarillo for an Auditory Brainstem Response Test (ABR).  Before Christmas, she had failed a tone on hearing test in one ear twice.  We went to the clinic to see if she might have some fluid or something in her ear, but there was nothing, so they referred us to Amarillo.  When we went for her appointment, they did the great big hearing test!!  Well, theirs is a little more sophisticated than the schools.  On this one, she didn't hear the tones, but she heard the words at the same level.  So the doctor scheduled us to come back for another hearing test to see if it was a valid screening.  Guess what?? She had the exact same results the second time.  Now, we are going for this ABR to see what is going on with her hearing. 
A good thing about this doctor is, he is taking it one step at a time.  He said we would do the ABR, see what the results are, and then go from there.  No putting names of bad diseases in my head so I can come home and google them and put myself in a massive panic attack!!  I think I like step/test at a time and then on to the next one.  I let you know the outcome!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Christmas Holiday's came and went way too quickly!!  But now it is time to get back in the swing of things.  Here are some pictures that I hope you enjoy!!
Christmas with the Jones'

Grandma with the Greats

Christmas morning

Christmas at Grammy's

My favorite picture!  Don't you see the enthusiasm in her face!!

Aubrey taking aim

Add caption
The finished product

Haley's RC Truck

Auzlyn's RC truck

Have a Happy New Year everyone!!